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TORC is the One of a kind Cat with two book series in work: TORC the CAT discoveries and TORC the CAT short stories.

  • TORC the CAT discoveries Book Series

TORC the CAT is a very curious kitty who dreams of adventures while he sleeps. In his epic dreams he is a detective exploring the wonderful world of animals. Children will be able to let their imaginations wander the globe with TORC the CAT on his adventures.

TORC books from this book series are educational and interactive. This children's book series will cover all the continents of the planet while following a pattern of two books per continent. Each continent will be followed by a wonderful special with a unique thematic.

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  • TORC the CAT short stories

This children's book series is based on true events and focuses on teaching values, such as kindness and friendship. These beautifully illustrated short stories can be a helpful tool for parents who are trying to instill important values and morals in their children.

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